Essay on The Development of Rhythmic Gymnastics in the Olympic Game

Essay on The Development of Rhythmic Gymnastics in the Olympic Game

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First of all, Rhythmic Gymnastics is a women-only event, and it is requires high levels of flexibility, agility, and coordination. The athletes will perform the combination which is integrating the amazing gymnastic and dancing movement to coordinating the background music. Also, the athletes will use the props to make the movement more powerful and stunning. Therefore, in this essay, i would like to compare the changes of the pass and modern rhythmic gymnastic in the Olympic Game.

1.1 The history of the Rhythmic Gymnastic

The first demo of Rhythmic Gymnastics extracted from Gymnastics group exercises, it is convoluted choreographies. The additional affects are classical dance like ballet, and the schools of Sweden which is emanate from the free routines, and the athletes will using the suitable props in Germany. In 1920s, Rhythmic Gymnastics had become competitiveness sport in the Soviet Union and it was universality in colleges. Germany organized a national game for this sport, and bit by bit it has lay out around the world in 1942.

Nevertheless, Rhythmic Gymnastics had to stand by almost two and more decades to be officially accepted by its international federation. Rhythmic Gymnastics get to be one more of the individual’s disciplines, at the same time as Artistic Gymnastics for men and women in1961. After three years, the first world Championship was kept in Budapest, Hungary. The first demonstration of the Olympic Games was took place in the Melbourne in 1956.

Artistic Gymnastics event were combined with the rope exercises in Australia. Progressively, the hand objects exercises were pass to the Rhythmic Gymnastics. Finally, it was included in the Olympic programme in Los Angeles 1984 Game with the individual competi...

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...gymnasts in each apparatus final.

For the props, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) want to cancel the rope in the competition in 2011, and the reasons is that the rope is moving too fast, the judges are difficult to mark scores. However, because of as much as against, it still kept in the competition.

To conclude, the rhythmic gymnastic still have a large area to develop in the Olympic Games, and the men’s rhythmic gymnastic competition may accept in the games in the future as rhythmic gymnastic became universal and unisex.

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