Essay on Development of Mass Media

Essay on Development of Mass Media

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Many forms of mass media exist: radio, television, film, internet, email, blogs etc.
Yet how these forms of media contribute to the growth of media, was never asked? Some would say that its solely because of the variety mediums, some would say that mediums was built for the 20th century, and some would say that mediums were destined and directed to grow to this point. Ever since the first form of mass media in the late 15th century called print, the dynamics of mass media continued to blossom. Mass media touches so many points of a person’s life and gives people the choice to explore your own means of interest, for example entertainment, or informative sources. Media brings today’s way of life to another level, and embeds its own mark in peoples paradigms today. There are many reasons why media grew to a mass scale whether its print, internet, or television they all contribute to the human paradigm.

Medium when defined is an agency or means of doing something. Nowadays mediums grow faster than ever before due to amazing advances in technology. Technical breakthroughs change the way we comprehend the world and manner in which we communicate with one another. It is our natural instinct to know what is happening around us. “Nobody wants to live in ignorance. Hence newspapers have become part and parcel of our life. We cannot live without them. (Chetan, Paragraph 1.)” The first official form of a medium is the print press, devised by Johann Gutenberg’s in 1439. This form of print was the movable type print that uses movable components to reproduce the elements of a document usually individual letters or punctuation.
This medium made the process of creating books, newspapers and more, much quicker and cheaper...

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...rn day internet reshaped the traditional communications like music, television, and film. Television evolved changing the dull view of picture and giving it meaning with sound, relating message to the people. Mediums contribute to the paradigm of the people solely because of its intentions to grow, accessibility to serve, and the techniques to provide the serves that are demanded. The exposure of this all is vital pieces that contributes to paradigms all around.

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