Essay on The Development of Integrative Health Care

Essay on The Development of Integrative Health Care

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Development of integrative health care as complementary forms of therapy with conventional western medicine has created a trend in some cancer treatment centers. Few research studies have been conducted evaluating the impact of an integrative approach to health care, therefore Brazier, Cooke, & Monravan, 2008, researched the Vancouver, British Columbia’s integrative cancer care program at the Center for Integrated Healing using a mixed method case study to evaluate the effect of lifestyle, quality of life, and overall well-being for participants in the cancer care program. 46 English speaking adults with confirmed diagnosis of cancer took part in the study. The participants took part in a 2 day seminar as an introduction to learning the theories of healing and how to support the mind, body and spirit. The participants also had two, 90-minute sessions with Center physicians, complementary practitioner and additional 30- minute follow-up visits. Pre and post reliable and valid quantitative surveys were administered on 3 separate times to set a baseline before participating in the program, then at 6 weeks, and then 5 months, to collect data, measuring quality of life, social support, anxiety and depression, locus of control and hope. Qualitative data was also collected using focus groups and one-on-one interviews. The case study contained no control group. The end results found no quantitative statistical significance, but quality of life, and social support, scored high in the beginning of testing and did not decline and hopefulness increase with time but was not significant. Anxiety and depression within normal limits declined but was not statistically significant. The qualitative results created a theme amongst participants, w...

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...dressing the impact of future studies on participants in an integrative health care program. As trends continue in the field of health care future studies can emulate this case study for improved future statistics.
I would like to use the mixed methods in my research because I am trying to address the impact of dietary change on changing a health behavior. To address qualitative and quantitative data allows my research to provide clinical statics using anthropometric measurements and also able to use one on one interviewing as a way of collecting subjective data in which lab values and test can not always measure or capture enough information.

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Brazier, A., Cooke, K., & Moravan, V. (2008). Using mixed methods for evaluating an integrative approach to cancer care: A case study. Integrative Cancer Therapies, 7(1), 5-17. doi: 10.1177/1534735407313395

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