The Development Of E Commerce Essay

The Development Of E Commerce Essay

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The development of E-commerce have revolutionised the manner in which consumers purchase. E-commerce has helped businesses to grow and expand beyond geographical boundaries and cater to the needs of consumers located anywhere across the globe. India, being a developing nation was expected to respond slowly and with less enthusiasm towards the development and implementation of E-commerce. E-commerce started to become popular only after 2005. It began as a system where businesses could interact with suppliers and place orders. However as the system gained immense popularity and success, it was soon implemented for placing selling goods and services to consumers. Since then the online retail industry in India has been growing rapidly (Malhotra, 2000). The system has become so widely popular, that in many large cities and urban locations, consumers prefer to purchase largely through online shopping rather than physically visiting stores. E-commerce facilitates consumers to purchase products from any place through suitable internet connectivity. The popularity of E-commerce over the last few years and its wide adoptions led retailers to launch specialised Smartphone applications through which consumers could easily shop. Many claim that the success of E-commerce mainly arises out of the popularity of Smartphones. E-commerce is particularity gaining popularity in the semi urban and rural regions of India. Due to lack of infrastructural development there exists a dearth of shopping malls and retail stores in the rural and semi urban regions of the nation (Tse and Soufani, 2003). Hence individuals living in such regions find it easier to shop through E-commerce platforms. They are therefore able to procure branded products through such o...

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...ntages and adopt more effective forms of business execution. The current study also leads towards understanding the importance of E-commerce and consumers perception in respect of the same. The study incorporates analysing the needs of consumers in respect of retail shopping. Retailers main competitive advantages arise out of the fact whether they can meet the expectations of the consumers or not. Consumers are always on the lookout for acquiring greater advantages in the manner in which they make purchases. Hence firms are required to formulate strategies, which would facilitate them to maintain their market position. The current project analyses how such strategies are being formulated by both the online and offline retailers so that their market position can be maintained. The current project can also be utilized for further research works and references purposes.

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