The Development Of Canadian Immigration Policy Essay

The Development Of Canadian Immigration Policy Essay

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This book is written from an economic perspective by three economics professor emeritus at Queen’s university, all three of them has a PHD from world’s prominent universities such as Harvard and Princeton. The purpose of the book is to inform readers in political science, public policy, governmental agency, and immigration studies of the changes and how to improve in immigration policy notably in skilled workers. It gives a statistic reference to professors and researchers. It is a great source for people that are interested in social studies to read. Personally, I find this book genuinely well informed but at times difficult to understand the main points.

This book covers the development of Canadian Immigration policy, the history of this complicated process and some major changes in the pattern. What affects the characteristic of immigrants, and what effect of the policy has on their earnings. The point value system is essential to discuss considering this is the system how most of the immigrants are evaluated.

Here’s three main points that the author argues. First of all, the improvement needed in order to improve in labour markets. As many immigrants are coming in, we should have equivalent opening space in accommodating them. Help them to better integrate and adjust into our western Canadian society. The authors argue that immigrants contribute labour market skills that can increase productivity and fill labour market gaps, help maintain economic growth through increasing aggregate expenditure, and facilitate global network of people and ideas (p.6) also on page seven it states a larger labour force increases the potential for innovation and enhanced technological changes. All that to say that immigrants are crucial to m...

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...of examining every candidate, not only the process is long but also it’s not as sufficient in providing Canada with its needs. In 2015, our government came up with the “express entry” it speeds up the process and has a better success in proving the needs.

To sum everything up, in this review we’ve covered a brief summary of the book, the three main point that the authors argues alongside my personal view on the policy. I’ve enjoyed reading this very much. I developed more interest in reading similar articles and dive more into public policies. Out of all honesty, I do have to say that this book contains a lot of information that are sometimes too vague. With that exception, I strongly recommend reading it. It is a tremendous way of getting to know how we can better the immigration policy in Canada and help new immigrants establish their new lives in our country.

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