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Basketball is a sport people love all over the world and has changed throughout history. College basketball in the 1930s gave younger athletes a new focus during the Great Depression. Professional basketball was an important distraction for people at the time as well.There were some top basketball teams that faced many issues with all the issues in the 1930s. Basketball was growing during the 1930s, serving as a distraction from the Great Depression at both the professional and collegiate level.

The conditions of the 1930s affected basketball by how teams faced societal issues like segregation and economical issues due to the Great Depression. Some basketball teams also faced many problems and much more. A basketball team that faced many problemswas the harlem rens, as they “often slept at boarding houses, black colleges, or even local jails, because segregated hotels and restaurants were off-limits to them” (“New york Rens”). The Harlem Rens still managed to play basketball games and make money. The rules in basketball have changed during the 1930s. The it has changed is that, “The game sped up when the center jump after every basket was eliminated” (Carnagie 1). when the center jump was eliminated, it helped the game of basketball a lot better. The rens have been through a lot to be one of the top teams in the 1930s on how, “the bias of many officials and bigoted spectators were just a part of the working circumstances that the rens had to accept” ( New york Rens). The head coach of the harlem rens “tried to join the highly respected basketball league American Basketball League (ABL) several times” (New York Rens). They were refused in the ABL for more than 20 years. The ABL reformed, “in 1933, and the national basketball leag...

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...ems. Basketball in the 1930s has changed from today by how the great depression was going on, and how segregation and money costs were affected at the pro and college level.

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