Development Of An International Project Essay

Development Of An International Project Essay

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An essential factor in successfully completing a project is effectively planning the endeavor. Project initiation provides the structure and crucial components in which the project will be executed. This is especially true when planning an international project. International projects require further planning, particularly during the initiation period of the undertaking, to ensure that all components are adequately defined to prevent confusion and misinterpretation. Proper project planning and initiation, along with development of a comprehensive project charter and scope, are critical in the development of an international project and contribute to the successful completion of the undertaking.
Components of Project Planning and Initiation
The development of an international service project encompasses many of the same components of a traditional project, but includes additional components to address special considerations from the organization. Some of these elements include cultures requirements and limitations, social impact, and the participation of diverse social domains (Ginsberg, 2016). A project manager must consider the structural and cultural factors of the services that will be delivered, as well as the visible and indiscernible customs of the team members within the project (Ginsberg, 2016). The development of a project for a non-governmental organization (NGO) should include how the business functions, the management style of the company, governmental impacts on the organization, resources, key external relationships, organizational values and mission, and the structure and processes of the business (Ginsberg, 2016). All of these factors must be analyzed and integrate into the project initiation in order to incorporat...

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...ion to traditional project management processes, an organization must consider the social, economic, regulatory, and cultural requirements of the clients when initiating the planning of an international project. The analyses that are completed in the planning stages of a project will assist in clearly defining the roles of each stakeholder, determining communication needs, and the boundaries of the overall project. Once the project has been approved, the creation project charter and scope will support and clarify the responsibilities of the stakeholders, as well as gain commitment from all the key players within the undertaking. By employing various project management tools during the initiation and planning phases of an endeavor, the organization can meet the needs of their clients, in order to successfully complete and deliver the services engaged within a project.

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