Development Of An Eal Learner Profile Around The Learner 's Educational Setting

Development Of An Eal Learner Profile Around The Learner 's Educational Setting

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The essay involves the development of an EAL learner profile around the learner’s educational setting. Firstly, the profile of this learner will be presented in detail. Secondly, data collection approach and the reason why the learner is chose are demonstrated. Further, some relevant teaching and learning theories will be identified to investigate and explain the way this learner appears to learn. Finally, having analysis the learner, some suggestions about teaching this learner will be informed based on the knowledge of theory and student’s learning.
Profile of the learner
Caitlin is a student in year 11 at Mount Eliza Secondary College. She is an international student with Chinese background. She came to Australia alone one year ago in order to gain a better education and develop herself more. Both her parents are working as teachers and they have extremely high expectation on her. They are willing to provide a better learning environment for their daughter, that is why they send her here to study. Apparently, language learning is a big problem for Caitlin as an EAL student, though she can speak some basic English. As her teacher said, Caitlin learned really hard and her English improved a lot during her whole year 10 studies. And all her teachers love her since she is so hard working and engaging in class. Now she is an outstanding student in EAL class.

Unfortunately, when she steps to year 11 learning, she has to learn English with local students in the normal English class because EAL classes clash with chemistry classes and she is keen on chemistry learning so that she would rather face more challenges than give up her interest. She said that ‘the success turns on my effort’ and she engaged with other students in class...

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Differentiation between each student
Teacher – Student interaction
Observing the different types of Teacher – Student interaction.
Students’ social environment
Student motivation level
- 5 = Very Motivated, focused, attentive and completing tasks swiftly
- 4 = Motivated, focused, attentive and working most of the time
- 3 = Neutral, focused, not distracting others and completes task when required
- 2 = Unmotivated, slightly focused, distracting others and not completing task most of the time
- 1 = Very Unmotivated, not focused, distracting others and disinterested in class
Insight of two different group students

Local students International students
Class interaction Most students interact with each other Seldom interact with other students
Engaging level
(Teacher and students) High Low
Motivation level 4 3
Social interaction High level Low level

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