Development Of A Software Simulation To Enable Hf Assessment Of Some Asmgcs Features

Development Of A Software Simulation To Enable Hf Assessment Of Some Asmgcs Features

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This paper describes the development of a to-scale simulation to enable assessment of the efficacy and Human Factors implications of proposed functions of an Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System (ASMGCS). To enable efficacy assessment, out of cockpit views simulating the field of view of the pilots’ during aircraft taxiing were created and projected onto an Elumens™ dome to enable an immersive experience to enhance fidelity during testing. The A380 aircraft and the aerodrome of Singapore’s Changi International Airport were modeled as the case-study platform. Comparative assessment of the efficacy of newly proposed/specific functions of a proposed ASMGCS may then be made against traditional wayfinding systems. Feedback from pilots may also be elicited using the simulation and safety concerns (if any) may then be identified and suitable modifications proposed.


The ICAO (An-Conf/11-IP/4) manual describes the general goal of an ASMGCS as the provision of enhanced support of aircraft operations to meet the required traffic capacity and still maintain a high level of safety especially under low visibility conditions. To this end, an ASMGCS exploits modern technologies, advanced automation and a high level of integration between various systems to provide a flexible solution that can be adapted to accommodate future changes in traffic density, surface congestion and aerodrome layouts. 11 high level goals were defined in the ICAO manual including the provision of the following key functional support:

• Surveillance to provide controllers (eventually pilots and vehicle drivers) with enhanced situational awareness of the movement area (i.e. a surveillance display showing the position and ide...

... middle of paper ...


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