Essay on The Development Of A Diverse Team

Essay on The Development Of A Diverse Team

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the leadership needs to head the development of a diverse team in a global organization. First, cultural assessments tools will be examine regarding their application is assessing the organizational culture. Followed by the effect of the social culture and group diversity will have on the leadership style. Then the influence on workplace results and group productivity by the social culture of the group. Finally, how the social culture and diversity of these individuals will affect the organizational culture.
Group Cultural Assessments
Working with a diverse group in multiple countries requires the use of cultural assessment tools to identify possible conflicts and address them prior to its occurrence. The diversity of the group from four countries, Greece, Germany, Iran, and Singapore, presents ample challenges, given the cultural differences among these countries. Aperian Global developed a couple of assessment tools appropriate for this task. The Global Team Online (GTO) and the Global Collaboration Toolkit, both provide individual assessments to identify methods of improving teamwork in a global environment (Intercultural Tools, n.d.). Another available tool is available from Argonaut. Developed by Coghill & Beery International, it provides assessment of self-cultural views and compares them to select other cultures (Intercultural Tools, n.d.). Given the span of the group across four countries, this assessment would provide individuals with tools to work among themselves. Lastly, Cultural Mapping Assessment, developed by KnowledgeWorkx, it analyzes intercultural dynamics in the workplace. Results provides tools for Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) development at individual,...

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...d characteristics (Hoppe, n.d.). Finally, all countries but Germany, scored high on the self-protective style, which encourages the safety and security of individuals and the group (Hoppe, n.d.).
In order for this globalization project to succeed, leadership and employees must work together fulfilling their interrelated roles and mutual dependency (Thach, et al., 2006). Develop a flexible organizational culture where employee development and support for innovation is present. Leadership must be authentic, hopeful, optimistic, and ethical (Azanza, et al., 2013), to inspire respect from the group. Working with all followers and listening to them respectfully (Thach, et al., 2006), to develop the rapport to work together. Because ultimately, cultural success is a result of matching the culture with the organization’s vision, values, and strategies (Suderman, 2013).

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