Essay Development Of A Child 's Artistic Development

Essay Development Of A Child 's Artistic Development

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Drawings can determine a lot about the development of a child. It is generally recognized that children
progress through certain stages of development in their art making. Each stage may be identified by
certain characteristics that continue to show up throughout a child’s drawings. Many models have been
offered over time to explain a child’s artistic development. While many of these models differ, they
propose a certain pattern of development. There are four stages of a child’s artistic development,
scribbling, pre-symbolism, symbolism, and realism. Children begin to scribble at one and half years of
age. It doesn’t take long for children long to recognize the relationship between their movement and the
marks on their paper. As the began to mature, they begin to gain more control by varying their motions
and by repeating certain lines. Scribbling is a reward within itself so there are no rewards need to get
children to participate in this. As children begin to gain control of their motions they also begin to name
their drawings.Pre-symbolism usually begins at ages three and four years of age at this age children
combine circles with lines in order to represent people. These drawings often take on the image of a
tadpole. Children whose drawings lack body parts such as arms and legs, lack the idea of creating a
realistic likeness of a person has not yet occurred to them or occupied their interest, although they are
able to identify these body parts when asked. These concerns of body parts don’t typically show up until
the age seven or eight. Children become increasingly aware of the world around them, the objects that
make up their environment will begin to appear in their drawings. Not many of these objects a...

... middle of paper ...

...emotion like flowers, some of them did use material symbols such as
houses, and purses. Women also paid much more attention to detail than did the men. The women’s
pictures of people were much more detailed than the picture of the men. Women’s pictures of people
the had eyelashes and eyebrows most of the men pictures contained face without such attributes.The
men didn’t really pay that much attention to facial detail . Both sexes pictures were proportional and
not floating , they also were in realistic view. Both sexes drew free picture geared more toward their
sex, such as women drew feminine things and men drew masculine things. One thing I found
disappointing was I thought their would be more variations with the adults than there actually were . To
a certain extent women and men both followed the trend of the eight years and not the four year olds.

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