Development, Milestones, & Exit Plan Long Term Goals Essay

Development, Milestones, & Exit Plan Long Term Goals Essay

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Development, Milestones, & Exit Plan
Long Term Goals
Omni plans to ensure that one third of our developmental music projects gain a minimum of one “hit” song on the Billboard industry music charts. Omni plans to make sure that we provide our consultation team with the available resource to achieve a professional finished project. While Create a highly organized, productive and efficient organization and developing standard operating procedures for the responsibilities each position. Omni plans to have a minimum of .02% of the industry market share within the first three years. The maximum full time employees will be eight within the first two years. The part time employees will be around four people after the first year. However, contract employees as well as other possible needed employees will fluctuate annually.
Strategy for Achieving Goals
Acquiring funds for the startup will be a large financial offset to start with, but with minimal upgrade, charges for the first three years afterwards will help to maintain the cost being lower. Even with the high start-up cost associated with KHS, revenue for the first two years will overcome the start-up costs.
Our strategic goal of distributing our product online and in stores will result in the following first year sales goals:
• 7,000 hours of Recording/Premix and PreEngineering service units.
• 7,000 hours of Marketing services units.
• 7,000 hours of Production services units.
• 5,000 minimum single downloads sold online.
• 2,000 minimum CDs sold in stores.
These strategic projections represent only two quarters of sales activity.
The first six months will focus on signing the bands and co-producing
the recording while our collaboration of product assets will...

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... soon, and do not compensate for these risk weaknesses we may not deliver value to the consumer. Which may diminish our company brand or create an incomplete package then the company obviously cannot make money and develop a successful music business (
Exit Plan
As Omni reaches “the aforementioned levels of profitability, several lucrative exit scenarios become realistic including the opportunity for acquisition by a major record company and, depending on investor preferences, the ability to liquidate ownership positions ( “

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