The Development and Usage of Gas Warfare Essay

The Development and Usage of Gas Warfare Essay

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Gas warfare was first introduced in World War I and continued to be used throughout World War II. It was most commonly used in the front lines, and was feared by many. Gas warfare was a very effective war tactic. The effects of gases were unbearable, which is what caused them to be so heavily feared. Luckily, by the time that World War II came about protective masks called, gas masks had been invented. This resulted in a decrease of use in World War II compared to World War I, however it did not totally destroy the effort (“Poison Gas and World War Two”).
There were many different purposes for gas warfare during World War I and II, gases could do anything from merely disabling soldiers, to killing hundreds at a time. The reasoning behind gas warfare was that it was something easy to use, but yet highly effective. The French were truly the first to use gas warfare, but many only know Germany’s usage as the first. The French however, used gas warfare for the first time in August of 1914. The French filled grenades with tear-gas and then launched them to the front lines of the enemy. That being said what was thought to be the first usage by the Germans was actually the second. Germany did not truly use gas warfare until the Second Battle of Ypres on April 22, 1915 (“Firstworldwar”).
Some common information about gas warfare includes: the different types of gas, common symptoms caused by gas, the effects gas has on the human body, and the overall effectiveness of gas. First, some of different types of gases used were Soman, Chlorine, Mustard Gas, and Phosgene (“Research”). According to Rod Powers, the editor of who received information courtesy of the United States Army, some symptoms and the overall effect gas...

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