Development Aid for the Global Comunity Essay

Development Aid for the Global Comunity Essay

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Development Aid
In the ever-globalizing world, the needs of the world’s poor are often considered, while the benefit of globalization and the world market place for the poorest are not only considered, but also contested. Wade (2012) highlighted that the effects of globalization, particularly the measure of the reduction of those living in extreme poverty, are near impossible to gage. He described the dialectic reports from agencies that measure the number of the world’s poor with some citing great reduction in poverty while others claiming an increase in inequity in the distribution of wealth and poverty. While those on both sides of the contentious debate cited legitimate studies (i.e. World Bank’s World Development Indicators 2001), Wade emphasized the high margin of error on such studies with some major developing countries, such as India, not included in the data. Therefore, he concluded the total number of those living in poverty at any point in time is speculative and cannot accurately be determined; however, the he iterated the gap between the wealthy and poor continues to grow because of globalization.
To address the inequity in the distribution of resources around the world, individuals have formed grass-root international non-government organizations (INGOs) over the past number of decades. Boli and Thomas (2012) noted the steady increase of INGOs since the first organizations were established in the late 1870’s. These organizations originated to operate for the common good of humanity without the constraints of governmental politics. Without the political red tape, these small grass-roots organizations have made dramatic change possible on a global scale; however, INGOs and NGOs are not immune to mismanagement and lo...

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...tability as well as increase the education of their donors by providing specific cultural, religious, geographic, etc., information about the regions of the world in which they operate. Overall, the system works, but adjustments are needed to increase the benefit to those in the world with the most need.

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