Developing Tourism in Australia Essay

Developing Tourism in Australia Essay

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Developing Tourism in Australia
Everything has been changed during the last century, especially tourism. Australia tourism has been rapidly changed because of the impact of economic, social structures, demographic, technology and political climate. This essay will focus on the changing for Australia tourism in the early 20th Century as compared to a household in the early 21st Century.
In the early 20th Century, basing on Burton’s four phases of tourism participation (Weaver & Lawton,2010) Australia was in phases one. First of all, it is economic factor. Almost countries in the world were agrarian, subsistence and pre industrial at that time. There was a big gap between poor people and elite people. Therefore, base on the view of the world, assumption is Australia was as same as the rest of the world. There was no participation in tourism because there were a large number of poor people. They just produced enough food for themselves to use and did not export or import the products so they did not earn any money. They did not have disposable to pay for their travel. Only elite people can travel at this time, they have time and money to spend for the travel. Secondly, social factor is another factor that impacted tourism demand. For an agrarian country, the farmers had to work hard every day to look after for their farm, they did not have free time to leave their place and visit another place. Next, one of factor is demographic. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, the population was 3,773,801 people in 1901. Weaver and Lawton said that “During Stage One (which more or less corresponds to Burton’s Phase One), populations are maintained at a stable but low level over the long term due to the balance between high crude birth...

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...pact the tourism development of Australia.

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