Essay about Developing Sub Saharan Africa

Essay about Developing Sub Saharan Africa

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Some of the world’s poorest countries, with some of the highest child labor and illiteracy rates lie in Sub Saharan Africa. People generally associate the region only with poor economic conditions and all of the social disorder that goes along with 3rd World Status. While some of this reputation is deserved, many people are also failing to see the vast potential for this part of the world. There are several factors that African governments should look into if they want to effectively and efficiently revamp this areas quality of life. One way to do so is by improving the more crucial aspects to healthy functioning region, for example, allowing children to possess their natural rights to a decent education. This could influence an increase in opportunities for economic growth and is therefore a key essential for poverty reduction (BMZ). However, there are many other factors contributing to the continuous complications this area is currently experiencing. In order for Sub Saharan Africa to fully develop and become an economically viable region, it must first address its over growing population crisis, prevent the HIV/AIDS epidemic and thoroughly improve its educational systems.
The combination of both population growth and social economic indicators tend to draw attention to concerned demographers. Although the region is experiencing rapid growth of roughly 910.4 million people, Africa south of the Sahara is not densely populated as a whole (The World Bank). However, in certain areas, condensed civilization will cause many problems in the near future if it is not fixed. For instance, an over populace country within Sub Saharan could encounter problems providing for their own community, which will ultimately become inevitable. Othe...

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