Essay on Developing Positive Practices Of Classroom Management

Essay on Developing Positive Practices Of Classroom Management

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Classroom management is a necessary component for teachers to appreciate and apply to positively manage and adjust behavior within the learning environment. It is important that teachers develop a sound perceptive of significant theories that will result in enhanced teaching and practices within the class (Lyons, Ford & Slee, 2014). Goal Centred Theory, Cognitive Behavioural Theory and Assertive Discipline Theory are three prominent management theories that will endure analysis. Therefore, consolidating the main elements that underpin the theories will assist in developing positive practices of classroom management.
A key model of the psychoeducational theory is Rudolf Dreikurs Goal Centred Theory (GCT). Dreikurs based GCT on the assumption that all children want to be a part of and accepted within a group. The behaviour displayed is positioned on the need to be accepted into a group (Lewis, 2008). This means that when the goal of being accepted is not met willingly, the student responds with inappropriate behaviour, called the four mistaken goals, to achieve attention, revenge, power and/or inadequacy (Dreikurs, Grunwald & Pepper, 2013). Thus, a reduction in the inappropriate behaviour will only occur once the student feels acceptance by a group, and or teacher, which is important to them. To extend on this, a teacher 's relationship with the student will firmly influence student behaviour, (Lyons et al., 2014) so maintaining a positive relationship encourages a student’s feeling of acceptance (Lewis, 2008). Therefore, student behaviour will be influenced by whether they feel acceptance or not.
It is acknowledged that GCT is based on a child’s need to feel a sense of belonging . The theory strengths focus on the developmental c...

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...udents individually in allowing the opportunity for teacher’s discretion. AD is also considered more suitable with younger students as the structure of rules and consequences are clear and (Eggen & Kauchak, 2001).Conversely, CBT and GCT require students cognitive skills to understand and acknowledge why their misbehaviours occur therefore more suitable for older students (Lyons et al., 2014).
The theories discussed are all clear examples of effective behavioural management that assist in the organisation of classrooms to deal with inappropriate behaviour. This allows teachers to effectively manage classroom behaviour through positive practices to allow for learning to transpire. The theories discussed the necessary elements within the theories that will enable a teacher to assist in determining the theory that will be suitable for achieving a positive learning.

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