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Developing Management Competencies Essay

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Mintzberg(2013, P.44) stated that managing combines all these skills, like leading ,doing, thinking, and deciding and more, together, not applying individually. A good manger should be able to mater all these skills to fulfill the job of management. But the thing is what helpful competencies should a manager have to be able to fulfill? Mintzberg stated his own theory which is managing can be known from on three main aspects : information, people, and action. For the information aspect, a manager should be able to communicate and control; for the people aspect, a manager should be able to lead and link; and for action aspect, a manager should be able to do and deal. These are the good methods for a manager to actually manage something well.
Viitala(2005) concluded another theory about management competencies that contains six categories which are relevant to technical , knowledge , knowledge, leadership and supervisory competencies, social and intrapersonal. Technical competencies allow managers to handle the content of processes that they are responsible for by using tools, procedures and techniques. Business competencies are related to any business, it makes managers to think, to lead in the managing system. Knowledge management competencies include a lot of professional management knowledge such as concept formation and problem solving. Leadership and supervisory competencies are meant to lead people, support people and participate people. Social competencies include the ability of manager to establish the relationship with stakeholders. Intrapersonal competencies trend to provide the ability of self-control for managers.

Communicating and Controlling
Communication skill, in a simple...

... middle of paper ...

...d, and when you need to stop heating. Keeping a good schedule habit will help me to improve my management competencies.
These are the methods that I could develop the most important competencies.


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