Essay on Developing Learning Activities For The Maersk Customer Service

Essay on Developing Learning Activities For The Maersk Customer Service

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Developing learning activities for the Maersk Customer Service – CARE Business Partner is necessary to properly prepare the candidate for the position. The activities will have to be geared towards candidates who have experience and are able to interact well with people. Using simulated learning activities such as role plays, conflict resolution games and listening test in the training program for the position offered by Maersk would be effective ways to train and develop employees. Roles plays should be centered around real-life situations and be as realistic as possible. Conflict resolution can be integrated as part of a game of group activity that improves interaction between the employees and their customers. Finally, practicing listen skills using lectures or online programs can help to ensure that the candidate receives a well-rounded training for the position. Since the position requires customer interaction as well as components of management the learning activities should include exercises that require person to person engagement and problem solving. Customizing the learning activities for this candidate will help ensure that Maersk fully utilizes this resource and yields the best outcomes.
Setting SMART objectives is important to a company’s success. It allows the company to move towards its goals efficiently and effectively. Being specific in the objective sets a clear picture of what is need. Including systems to measure the output and success of the objective allows for future improvement and to ensure thing stay on track. A company always wants to ensure that their objective is achievable. The tasks should be challenging but not create hardship or frustration. Objectives that are realistic take into account the skill...

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...collected through salary surveys together with job evaluation also gives a company a look at their internal and external equity (Snell, Morris, & Bohlander, 2016, sec. 9.5a para. 2). I believe that this type of data will allow a company to have a clear view of not only the typical wages for a position but how to maximize their employees for what they are being paid. In my opinion, whether the company wants to conduct their own salary surveys or utilize any conducted by the government the benefits will only help in the successful determination of competitive wages. Along with Maersk’s pay for performance compensation plan, the company offers its employees other forms of compensation. “We offer a competitive salary and benefit package, such as health insurance, dental and vision insurance, a 401K savings plan with an employer match, and paid time off. (Maersk, 2016).”

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