Developing Countries And Developing Nations Essay example

Developing Countries And Developing Nations Essay example

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One of the biggest reasons that population is high in developing nations is the absence of family planning. Many, if not most of the developing countries have a great quantity of their populace who are uneducated, are living in poverty, and have very little if any information on family planning. More often than not parents from developing nations are trying to marry off their young children to proliferate their chances of creating more children. There are many reasons that the cultures/religions in these developing nations believe that women should have many babies and at a young age. In many of these developing countries women are viewed that their purpose on earth is to have babies and that is their main if not only job. Another reason a woman is to have a lot of children is to move their male lineage ahead. The more babies they have the better chance of that to occur. In many developing nations it is seen in a negative light for women to give birth to a female baby, they are to produce male babies and many of them. It has been documented that in India and Asia that female bab...

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