Developing Confidence, And Competence Is A Challenge Faced By Novice Nurses

Developing Confidence, And Competence Is A Challenge Faced By Novice Nurses

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Developing confidence, and competence is a challenge faced by novice nurses (Morrell & Ridgway, 2014). Over the course of my nursing degree developing, and maintaining confidence in my clinical practice has always been a personal challenge. During my preceptorship placement, I have the opportunity to continue to cultivate my confidence, and prepare to begin my practice as an independent graduate nurse. In the reflection, I will discuss how I have gradually become a confident practitioner through my experiences in my clinical placement, and especially those in my preceptorship placement.
Personal Reflection
Clinical confidence, and independence are two components of nursing practice such that cannot be perfected through classroom education, self-study or by reading the evidence based literature. Throughout my nursing education, I have struggled with as many of clinical instructors have put it “being too hard on myself”. Morrell & Ridgway (2014) highlight how students’ perception of a lack of knowledge often contributes to ongoing anxiety. My tendency of being highly critical of my abilities, and having a consistent sense of anxiety associated with practicing independently has been an ongoing challenge for me. Reflecting upon how I have coped with the challenges of developing, and maintaining clinical confidence is important as I transition into becoming an independent practitioner, and obtain my graduate nurse license. Although becoming a confident practitioner is an ongoing goal, it is important for me to acknowledge that challenges I face due to lack of confidence, and how my lack of confidence can impact the care I provide to my patients.
Factors influencing my confidence
Throughout all clinical courses my level of confidence ...

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...f having clinical confidence. As I become an independent practitioner, I can no longer foster doubts in my mind related to the care I provide my patients. However, I also have learned that continuing to be extra cautious, and seeking guidance when unsure are not negative traits to possess as a new graduate either. Through my preceptorship placement, I have realized the importance of maintaining a balance between having self-confidence, while also being comfortable with the idea that a little anxiety as I become an independent practitioner is both normal, and crucial in a new graduate nurse. As I continue on as a graduate nurse, I am confident that I have a wealth of knowledge that will help me ensure patient safety; and as I become an experienced practitioner, the speed with which I complete tasks will continue to improve, and my confidence will continue to develop.

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