Developing Concerns And Root Causes Of Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant Essay

Developing Concerns And Root Causes Of Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant Essay

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The developing concerns and root causes of Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant in Milestone One and Two were identified and analyzed from a human behavior perspective. However, it is just as equally imperative to recommend solutions to issues identified. The major issues that Engstrom faced stemmed from the failure of the Scanlon Bonus Plan. As a result, employee motivation, management and employee trust, employee attitude and the overall work culture were all tainted. The objective of this milestone is to create organizational development outcomes that are immediate solutions to the organizational issues. Also, suggest strategic plans that will lead the organization to success. This will be successful through evidence-based management and theoretical models of organizational behavior. The paper will suggest solutions that Engstrom must establish to yield as an effective and beneficial company.
Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant business consists of several organizational issues and one of the main issues is the failure of the Scanlon Bonus Plan, which was due to communication barriers between management and employees and lack of motivation. Firstly, there was compelling emphasis placed on exterior factors, for instance, Scanlon Bonus Plan, a motivator plan that inspires and drives employees’ performance, yet neglected to cultivate workers ' needs. If the Plant business integrates the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs into their strategic management process, it will guide them in evaluating employees’ needs. Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant should settle on the choice of keeping the current system in place, modify it, or design a new incentive plan. Keeping the ongoing incentive plan would be an awful decision for different reasons that were examined in pre...

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...aluate their execution practices. Feedback inspires workers more to continue buckling down and increment self-inspiration. With the Goal Theory actualized at the Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant, management should first form a positive bond with workers that won 't adversely influence the workers ' profitability level whether there is a motivation framework set up or not. If managers set precise, significant, contentious and practical objectives for workers to accomplish, the new Scanlon Plan would have the capacity to increase motivation. By implementing these goals, it provides a path, which stimulates employees to finish a task, challenges workers, and boost inventive methods for accomplishing these objectives. The existing incentive plan of motivating workers through incentives is the right thought, in any case, numerous adjustments can be made to build its efficiency.

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