Developing And Using A Job Search Framework Essay

Developing And Using A Job Search Framework Essay

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Developing and using a job searching FRAMEWORK approach has the tendency to ensure a more suitable matching results of personal job attainments and the employing organization 's business and operational requirements. It is composed of four (4) distinct arts. They are:
Mindset. This section is a continual reminder of the most fundamental principles driving the FRAMEWORK.
Entry Point. This sections triggers considerations of the commonalities desired as the individual enters into a position and reminds one begin to relate it immediately to other incremental positions with related functionality.
Execution. This section is a reminder of the discreet selected set of activities and tasks that can be used to work pursuit action plan.
Research and resources. This segment contains information on selected resources that can be referenced in completing the program.

The FRAMEWORK is a tool that is dynamic and adaptable. At its completion, it should reflect considerations related to the influences and impacts of the external environment with the time element factored in (i.e., Current and projected environment). The FRAMEWORK is easily adjusted and adapted in response to the job seekers surroundings. It is adjustable and modifiable in responses to environmental modifications as a highly valued work pursuit and job searching utility. Its composition and functional utility are best represented by its repeatable and interrelated. In our preparations, we will use a framework as a tool within a systems concept.

The Work Pursuit FRAEWORK should....
Be holistic in its approach and link with your strategic/business planning and budget processes
Be built around service needs and the competencies/skills required to deliver a quality service
Be r...

... middle of paper ...

...he concept of “work”, as distinguished and compared to our working definitions of “career”, “profession”, “occupation”, “position” and “jobs”. The “pursuit of work” we espouse is what we see as the underpinning of all of the other categories that we may discuss.

Transition to the Future Workforce

Many organizations, both public and private, have developed models for workforce planning. Aside from variations in terminology, the processes are usually very similar. All rely on an analysis of the present workforce (Supply); an identification of the future workforce needed (Demand); a comparison of the present workforce to future needs to identify gaps; the preparation of a strategy to address those gaps and build the needed future workforce (Action Planning); and an evaluation process to assure that the workforce direction remains valid and objectives are being met.

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