Developing and Up-Keeping Sexual Standards Essay

Developing and Up-Keeping Sexual Standards Essay

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Young adults everywhere in the United States are embracing the moral change in sexuality because they are able to acceptably exploit themselves sexually. Teenagers listen to music about sex, they eat foods advertised sexually, and they even wear scents and clothing made to make them seem sexually appealing. In effect, if young adults are pressured to choose and even stand up for their sexuality then how will they truly understand the importance of maintaining high sexual standards? The education of sexual conservation provides an understanding of marital purpose versus addiction to untamed, bodily attraction which is important because marriage very much defines motives and morale in society. As homosexual marriage is becoming widely accepted in the United States, teenagers are far too ready to accept the bounds of traditional relationships being stretched to include same-sex couples without understanding what the consequences may be for heterosexual couples as well.
Developing and up keeping sexual standards is important for teenagers and young adults because they are still developing the control it takes to decipher what it means to be sexually sober until marriage from what it is to exploit sexual behavior. The difference being that being sexually sober enables teens to gain an understanding of what marital morals are such as respect, patience, and fidelity. Same-sex marriage activists argue that the marriage should be equally equipped with heterosexual marriage. However, fidelity is questioned when even steady relationships between gay couples can include up to eight sexual partners for every year the couple is together (Espejo 13)!
Teenagers and young adults support gay marriage because they don’t know enough about the topic...

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