Developing An Organization At The Time Of Crisis Essay

Developing An Organization At The Time Of Crisis Essay

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Developing an organization to its standard status where from production to consumption everything flows in a well orderly standard manner requires deliberate audit of internal communication especially in the times of crisis. Crisis communication, is in other words is a test of capability of organisation in the most demanding times of crisis. At this position, organization either can stand on top due to its strong interlinked internal communication with stakeholders or in opposite will be considered as an inept and fragile in the most demanding times of organizational experience. Crisis most often conveys a fundamental threat to the very stability of the system, a questioning of core assumptions and beliefs, and risk to high priority goals, including organizational image, legitimacy, profitability, and ultimately survival, but what happens after crisis has shackled the foundation of organization? It is the rhetoric of renewal which is employed through various ulterior motives to gain the competitive edge in the marketplace.
It is very common to understand that after getting involved in any miscarriage in the time of crisis, organizations usually due to their weak organizational structure, weak adherence to organizational values turned towards blame-game, offensiveness, harm can be made subordinate and an organized focus can be given on the more optimistic discourse of renewing the responsibility through umpteen focus on stakeholders, and growth as a primary focus after crisis discourse, this is known as the renewal process after organization failure. For example, Hurst, observes that renewal often involves connecting with the core values to reconnect the past to the present, rediscover the old in the new (David K, 1995) organizatio...

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... knowledge of what the employees need in terms of career development (SakaRahmonOlawale, 2014)

Developing a strong defence mechanism against the crisis management is only possible through advanced integration of communication and crisis management techniques. An organization must be aware of the keen happenings throughout the organization especially inside and outside of the organization. Thus, a competency based employees and training is necessary to educate thoroughly about the disintegration of the internal organization. Keeping with the track of the new developments within the organization plays a key role in determining how the crisis will be resolved; and what would be the prospected happenings. Social media and other integrated algorithms of crisis management can play a decisive role in formulating the key road to the development process of crisis management.

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