Developing an Ethical Framework and Applying It to an Ethical Dilemma Essay

Developing an Ethical Framework and Applying It to an Ethical Dilemma Essay

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It is the purpose of this paper to explain the process by which I have come to develop my own ethical framework and apply this framework to an ethical dilemma. I have discovered through my research that an ethical framework is a collection of guidelines, usually in question format, that function together to support and reinforce the ethical decision-making process. Ethical frameworks can be designed and applied in both personal life settings and professional work environments. By implementing an ethical framework, whether for personal use or for a professional environment, individuals, team-members and leaders can be assured that the decisions they are making are thought-out and their actions are ethical.
When I started to think about developing an ethical framework my first thought was of Isaac Newton, who is commonly known for the idea that, for every action there is a reaction. This thought became the foundation upon which I began my research. I obtained articles that contemplated the role of values, personality, and emotions within the ethical decision-making process. I paired this research with a well-developed ethical framework by Santa Clara University and James Rest’s Model of Moral Action. These developed ideas and ethical decision-making foundations allowed me to contemplate, identify and understand how I could come to ethical decisions and how these decisions would determine my ethical actions.

Ethical Framework: Starting with Research
Outlined in Organizational Ethics by Craig Johnson (2012) are the “Components of Personal Ethical Development” (Johnson, 2012, p. 49). This is where my research began; I felt that it was important to first identify my current state of moral behavior and values. “...

... middle of paper ...

...ics , 31 (2), 175-187:

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