Developing A Vision And Enabling A Structure Essay

Developing A Vision And Enabling A Structure Essay

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Besides developing a vision and enabling a structure that will enable that vision to be realized, perhaps the most important aspect of leadership is in mitigating operational risk whenever possible. When developing plans for future endeavors, leadership must take time to consider all possible situations. In doing so hazards, threats, stumbling blocks, and other risks can be identified and proper measures taken to either mitigate the risk or careful consideration made in accepting the risk. During this process, leadership must examine all variables and develop ways to alleviate all possible cases of failure, thus ensuring that subordinates and workers are granted the greatest probability of success. Methods taken can range from altering the plan, to increasing training, to practicing the difficult situations in a controlled environment, to simply accepting the risk and continuing as planned or if the risk is too great, cancelling the entire endeavor.

i) (Gordon) Operational risk must be assessed and either mitigated or accepted before leadership commits to certain missions, and further evaluated and controlled by lower levels.

Conclusion and Recommendation
Leadership must have complete confidence its operators are fully capable and willing to successfully complete the mission, and likewise operators must have complete faith that leadership is doing everything in their power to facilitate mission success. I believe that the defining difference between leadership and management is that leadership must develop a vision and goals then figure out how to inspire his people to want to accomplish the job, and by doing so they will require minimal managerial oversight. However a manager is then responsible to decide how best to motiv...

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...tting process, those who cannot thrive in a stressful environment fail out of training well before graduating to our ranks. Interestingly enough, stress is a tool leading to several positive factors, for those that handle it well. A certain level of stress in the right circumstances being handled by the right people can actually makes an individual’s perception sharper, their focus keener, and their decisiveness quicker. It is vital that we harness the stress of the job and let the positive aspects motivate us to succeed. It is important that Christians never forget that they do not walk through this world alone. Our Savior is always walking with us, leading us, and guiding us through the most stressful situations. Deuteronomy 31:8 says, “The LORD is the one who goes ahead of you; He will be with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

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