Developing A Social Customer Relationship Management Essay

Developing A Social Customer Relationship Management Essay

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In this research, the researchers have highlighted the topic ‘Developing a Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) Strategy within Organisations’ the two variables of the research are social media and customer relationship management (CRM). For stabilising the relationship between the consumers and the business, social media plays an essential role in providing the details of the organisation right to consumers. The aim of this research is to understand the challenges organisations face in current times to adapt with a new term known as social customer relationship (Ionescu 2014).
Unfortunately, certain organisations are still not aware with this term and do not understand the social media value of CRM. The paper will focus specifically on competitive strategy using Porters five force but main focus is on one section of the model, buyer’s power and introducing SCRM to differentiate from competitors. The organisation this paper will focus on is Aldi supermarket; this new strategy will aim to help Aldi, as it will develop from their current one. Aldi’s business strategy is to sell good quality foods at a cheaper price, which needs to improve for future profits and development.
Social customer related management is an innovative business strategy of engaging customers through social media with a great aim of building brand loyalty and gaining trust. The term “gaining trust” shows the devotion of customers that influences them to repurchase and recommend goods to potential customers and to increase business profits using Internet platforms (Harrigan 2014). Aldi’s main business objective is to provide quality with value for money. To achieve this Aldi makes sure its operations are as efficient as possible sticking to its funda...

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...ns need to get involved with SCRM, to provide the ultimate value for customers online.
==> Finally, researchers will conclude with a developed business strategy for organisations to benefit. SCRM strategy is emphasised mainly throughout the paper, towards the end concluding with a developed innovative business strategy with formative criticism.
In order to proceed with the research, the research group will analyse the models related to CRM approach and social media outline. These models have been analysed to understand the significance of social media with regards to maintain CRM. Hence, the perspective of these models the organisation can benefit, as it will be able to communicate efficiently with its customers and advertise the products in a global context. At the same time, the company will be able to build a stronger representation within the market industry.

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