Essay on Developing A Plan For Critical Thinking

Essay on Developing A Plan For Critical Thinking

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Developing a Plan for Critical Thinking
Human beings are unique, and our preference for learning is associated with our capabilities and skills. We all learn differently, for example, some of us are visual learners and some of us are hands-on learners. Many times we learn by a combination of methods. Our personal type of intelligence is also different and a combination of types is often utilized. Understanding how you learn, your relationship with others and self-awareness is the ability to accept and promote change. Change through critical thinking and evidence is essential to enhance quality practice and patient care. Kamhi, (2011) as cited in Finn, (2011) stated that critical thinking should be viewed as a goal and not a by-product of learning.
The purpose of this paper is to reflect on a current pattern of critical thinking. I will demonstrate how my personal type of intelligence has changed. I will discuss why enhancing my current thinking process promotes a positive change in my work environment. Finally, this paper will show the steps necessary to make changes in practice.
Personal Type of Intelligence
My critical thinking and habits of the mind needed to be developed. I associate with the baby boomer generation, we must think differently in order for change to occur. We must think beyond our comfort zone in order to improve the quality and the care of our patients (Rubenfeld & Scheffer, 2010). According to Rubenfeld and Scheffer, (2010) baby boomers are expected to have confidence in their thinking and have strong predicting and discriminating abilities. However, baby boomers may lack open-minded thought about change. Technology is one of the changes that require an open-mind...

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...lf-awareness or as I have now come to understand the word metacognition is not only necessary for personal growth but it is instrumental in nursing practice. Understanding our thinking styles and personal types of intelligence is necessary for positive change not only in our practice but our work environment. I believe Finn, (2011), best summed up how thinking styles are relevant to critical thinking. Finn pointed out that if our thinking style remains stagnate or status quo, adhering to the belief of ‘this is just how it is done’ may not lead to the best practice for our patients’. Reflection allows us to understand our behaviors associated with critical thinking. Self-awareness provides the ability to be involved in the process of change and the ability to change our personal thoughts, beliefs and behaviors relevant to a situation (Krupat et al., 2011).

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