Developing A Philosophy Of Leadership Essay example

Developing A Philosophy Of Leadership Essay example

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Developing a Philosophy of Leadership
Katie Sneeringer
Penn State College of Medicine

Leadership Philosophy
A personal leadership philosophy is essential to effective leadership. By definition, philosophy is “a set of ideas of how to do something or how to live; the most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or group” (“Philosophy,” 2016). Thus, defining a leadership philosophy is fundamental in order to provide a solid foundation on which an individual will base his or her actions over time. To successfully define a personal leadership philosophy, one must critically reflect upon personal values, assumptions, and beliefs as they relate to leadership. This self-reflection will draw upon personal experiences as well as the historical theories of leadership.
Personal values
Lichtenstein (2012) noted two major ways in which personal values impact leaders. Personal values work as a filter that shapes a leader’s actions, including strategic choices, personal behaviors, and consequently a group’s overall performance (Lichtenstein, 2012). An individual’s values also serve to drive his or methods of creating value (Lichtenstein, 2012). Therefore, it is imperative to define our own personal leadership values. This can be accomplished through critical self-reflection as well as various self-assessments.
Although a person’s leadership values may be innumerable, the five core values I have chosen that describe me as a leader include passion, collaboration, courage, creativity, and integrity. Each of these five values provide a foundation of guiding principles on which decision making is made, in order to facilitate positive outcomes.
I believe that passion is necessary in leadership. Enthusiasm an...

... middle of paper ...

...ituations. Positive beliefs concerning leadership enable an individual to grow and develop as a leader. By reflecting on and defining our beliefs, we are able to objectively view the guiding force behind our own behaviors.
It is important to consider the purpose of leadership. I believe this can be examined through a variety of perspectives, which presents numerous notions on the true purpose of leadership. Considering leadership in a strictly goal oriented outlook, the purpose of leadership is to accomplish a goal, and many times achieve a profit. But leadership is not strictly for profit, but rather the purpose is also to serve and inspire others to ensure a better future. I believe the purpose of leadership is to fulfill the ideals or mission of an organization, while serving and inspiring others. This will help to create future leaders of the world.

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Developing A Philosophy Of Leadership Essay example

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