Developing A Leadership Development Plan Essay

Developing A Leadership Development Plan Essay

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This purpose of this research study is to develop a leadership development plan (LDP). There are three sections in the development of LDP. The first section is called “Effective Leadership Overview/Summary.” This begins with an overview of an effective leadership which includes theories and relationship and network building. Communication is also essential in leadership and active listening is a technique that will be addressed. Leaders need followers to be leaders they must have the skills in leading; some of these skills to be covered are career planning, honesty, and have integrity. The second section is called “Leadership Self-Assessment,” it covers leader’s strengths, values and personality. The third section includes two “Leadership Development Goals.” The two objective selected are building a strong team and to increase self-confidence; the activities will includes development of objectives, providing resource and support, timeline, potential obstacles and evidence of progress.
Effective Leadership Overview/Summary
Leadership is all about people; the key to a good leadership is creating an environment that enables them to do a good job. It is important that a leader always treats people with respect, set fair rules that apply to everybody and take the time to make each individual feel that their input is valued. According to Morgan (2015) as leader one must have good communication skills, celebrate success, support personal development and be firm and fair. The following are important theories developed to improve the performance of leaders: transformation leadership, goals setting and ethical leadership.
According to CSU-Global (2015) transformational leadership theory consists of leaders doing somethin...

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