Developing A Job For Employee Performance Essay example

Developing A Job For Employee Performance Essay example

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Human resources is a major part of our business society. They handle so many aspects of business and have many responsibilities to the point where the workload is nigh comparable. Among the many tasks that human resources managers deal with are: handling ethical issues, dealing with employee remuneration, managing employee’s performance, developing a job analysis, developing a job design, training employees, planning out the workforce, handling employee benefits and compensation, hiring new employees, as well as terminating employees. Handling ethical disputes and issues mostly involves dealing with discrimination or harassment charges. Remuneration deals with how well an employee should be paid for their position. Managing employee performance has them checking on the quality of the work being done. Developing a job analysis involves creating a job description to hire new employees. Developing a job design involves deciding what role has which responsibilities. Training employees is creating a schedule to have employees filling positions to be prepared. Planning out the workforce has the manager coming up with strategies, goals, and objectives that the company should try to meet. Handling employee benefits and compensation deals with things like health insurance and retirement. Hiring new employees deals with identifying positions that need to be filled and filling them. Finally, terminating employees has them dealing with employees that are inhibiting the workforce in some way that cannot be addressed otherwise.
First to discuss are ethical issues. Ethical issues are situations where the rules, standards, or moral principles of the workplace have been compromised in some way. Almost all organizations have a “code of ethics” that...

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...pect. These two things are fundamental and really the only things that can be done to lower the tension of the situation.
All in all the people in human resources have a very taxing job. HR has so many different jobs that need to be addressed. This is why different fields of study give degrees for specialization. Specialization also affects the income of an HR manager. Almost every organization needs an HR manager, so they are very sought after, this is shown in their salaries which are extremely high, even for management jobs. An HR manager in Information Services makes roughly $166,250 a year. Another makes $163,110 a year in Securities and Commodity Contracts Intermediation and Brokerage. Even in Motion Picture and Video an HR manager will make roughly $153,910 a year. Basically, everybody needs a human resource manager, and it never hurts to have more than one.

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