Developing A Effective Learning Habits Essay

Developing A Effective Learning Habits Essay

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Some students find it challenging to figure an effective way to learn about something and unfamiliar. It has been states that students try to find the easy way to learn, but in fact, there is no such thing (Chew, 2011). Developing “effective learning habits” can cause a major impact on how much information you retain while studying (Chew, 2011). Every student has a distinctive way of learning, but “metacognition is a concept that could drastically impact everyone’s learning” (Chew, 2011). According to Dr. Stephen Chew, a cognitive psychologist, metacognition is, “a student’s awareness of their level of understanding of a topic” ( 2011). Dr. Chew descibes “accurate metacognition" as being, the key transformation between a successful student and a stuggling students” (2011). Dr. Chew explains, stuggling students have a sense of “grossly overconfidence in how well they understand the material” therefore, spend less time in actually learning the material, resulting in shock when receiving poor grades on the test (Chew, 2011). Having a poor metacognition may show poor studying techniques (Chew, 2011). Having poor study techniques can effect students by giving them a sense of confidence but in reality they are not learning anything. Dr. Chew explains “the hallmark of poor study strategies is it build overconfidence without increasing actual learning” (Chew, 2011). It is critical that nursing students have to know how implement what has been taught and what they learned in real life situations. In nursing school having accurate metacognition will benefit a students tremendously. Remembering key terms or scanning through chapters are not going to help applying the information to real life situations thus making it difficut to be a...

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... at this point are below average and it comes from using this studying technique.
After watching the videos, somethings were a reminder and other things were new that could help me improve my studying tactics for the remaining of the semester. When studying in a group think of it as a business meeting (Chew, How to Get the Most Out of Studying: Part 4 of 5, 2011). Do the reading and have three questions about the information (Chew, How to Get the Most Out of Studying: Part 4 of 5, 2011). Another technique that I believe will help me improve my grades is, after reading try to retrive the information I just read without looking at the book or the notes (Chew, How to Get the Most Out of Studying: Part 4 of 5, 2011). Dr. Chew suggested some of the methods I am already doing, however, the ones that I know I can really use I will start to apply as soon as possible.

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