Developing A Curriculum Design That Promotes The Transition Of Nursing Students

Developing A Curriculum Design That Promotes The Transition Of Nursing Students

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There are many challenges when developing a curriculum design that promotes the transition of nursing students from associate degree nurse (ADN) to baccalaureate degree nurse (BSN). Faculty must recognize the importance of creating strategies needed to keep the ADN students abreast of new developments in the curriculum. It is often beneficial to conduct monthly informational town hall meetings that will keep the ADN students up-to-date on scheduled meetings in order to promote a high level of participation. The town hall meetings will also include discussions about new opportunities, and curriculum development. The BSN program structure expectations will also be discussed. The augmented requirements for transition and completion of the program will also be discussed in this forum. A generous amount of time will be allowed for current students to ask questions. All questions will be addressed by faculty in order to encourage student interest in the BSN program. Students will also be given various ways to communicate with faculty, such as email, to promote questions after the town hall meetings.
Another strategy that will be utilized will be to organize a new curriculum development committee. This committee will ensure that key stakeholders are informed regarding the continued progression of the curriculum. Updated information and status will be communicated frequently via email notifications and newsletter postings on the organizational website. The curriculum development committee will play a major part in decision-making, and will be responsible for sharing ideas with the current ADN students. This will foster a welcoming environment for the upcoming change, as the identity and goals of the college changes.
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... that ensures the effectiveness and success of the new curriculum and students learning outcomes.
Data that is collected is evaluated by the faculty and administration. This information is used to address any barriers that may warrant revision or improvement. Collection of data can promptly reveal the colleges success rate of educating the students. The students level of competency and knowledge can be a direct reflection of the success of the new curriculum. Data can reveal if course objectives and requirements are positively met. “Faculty must demonstrate how the data from assessment and evaluations have been used to develop, maintain, or revise curriculum” (Billing and Halstead, 2012, p 539). A key measure that must be obtained is the outcome evaluation. This measure is imperative , and allows the external stakeholders to rate the program merit and success.

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