Developing A Child 's Language Development Essay

Developing A Child 's Language Development Essay

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Language is how we express our thoughts and opinions. Developing a child’s language skills at an early stage will not only help them academically but all around in general. Children start communicating with hand and leg gestures to get the attention of their parents and other’s around them before they can utter sounds and words. According to (Kuhn, Willoughby, Wilbourn, Vernon-Feagans, & Blair, 2014, p. 1898-1914) the gestures infants make predict their first words. During their early year’s children’s capabilities to learn language grows rapidly. At this age children take any opportunity to learn and try new words. The child’s language development begins when they can make different sounds and it’s usually called babbling. When a child is babbling it is known as a major milestone in their language development, it’s a sign to show that the child is trying to make some sort of sounds or words even though they might not be there yet.

Boosting child’s Language development.
They is a lot both parents and educators can do to promote and encourage a child’s language development. According to (Gardner-Neblett, & Gallagher, 2013) when caregivers focus on bettering their child’s language skills from early on the child is more likely to join school ready and on the academic level they are supposed to be on. When educators communicate loudly and clearly with children it helps enhance their language and especially their pronouncing skill. Some of the different things caregivers can practice to use as a way to encourage better language skills for the child are; Talking to the child as often as possible during the day, Carefully paying attention to what the child is trying to say and pretending like it makes sense will encourage...

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...nt (Bashir & Scavuzzo 1992). Parents and educators are the two main people who can effectively boost a child’s language skills. Caregivers conversing with the child will expose them to more opportunities to develop their language skills. Having basic and simple conversation with the child will be a major advantage to them in the future.
Encourage the child to express what their feeling with words and sentences rather than gestures and movements. Involving the child in play dates and play groups will stimulate their language, it will give them the opportunity to hear new words and sounds from their friends (Stanberry, n.d.).
A parent will know their child’s language development is growing in an appropriate pace when a child can respond to voices and sounds around them, when they can recognise familiar songs or rhythms and when they use the correct verbs and nouns.

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