Devastation and Disease in Africa Essay

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Throughout time, scientists have discovered new ways to help save lives and help people live longer, but this causes a major problem around the world. Birth rates are almost double to that of the death rates, and the earth’s population is reaching the seven billion mark. Continents everywhere worry about what is to come with the rising population because it is causes many resources to deplete and diseases to spread. These very problems are already occurring on the continent of Africa.. In Africa, overpopulation is causing an immense amount of disease to spread more competently due to the close living quarters and a lack of clean water.
Population around the world is rising hastily, so fast that the world’s population has just reached seven billion, and scientists fear it will continue to rise and all of the world’s resources and space will deplete, causing illness to spread rapidly among the people. Throughout the years, population has gradually risen, such as that “in 1970, there were roughly half as many people in the world as there are now” (“World Population: Past…”). The worldwide population is increasing so dramatically, in such little time, that no one can predict if it will keep increasing or if it will eventually decrease. The population count has just marked seven billion, and many scientists are concerned because they believe that it will reach nine billion by 2045 (Kunzig). This is a great problem because in only thirty years, the population will rise by two billion. This indicates that people who are fourteen or fifteen will be living on an earth with nine billion people, and possibly more, by the time they are forty or so.
As of now, the population has a multitude of people worried and aware of the world’s populat...

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...ld population is a great deal that needs to be taken seriously. If it is not, then many people, even whole continents, like Africa, can be severely harmed.

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