The Devastating Power of Western Colonialism Essay

The Devastating Power of Western Colonialism Essay

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The colonial efforts of an imperialist power leave a wake of suffering and death, usually for the mere purpose of propagating political, economic or military advantages. The culture and status of the colonized is forever altered by the often cruel and violent actions taken by the colonizers during their initial struggle for influence, along with the long-term impacts that slavery, subjugation, cultural appropriation and linguistic imperialism have over a colonized region. Hegemonic rule and full-scale imperial endeavors defined English and France foreign affairs during the 19th and early 20th centuries. As the two largest imperialist superpowers of the time, France and Britain made countless imperial acquisitions, not the least of which being their long struggle and eventual French colonization of Madagascar. The ability for western powers to gain hegemonic and colonialist power over smaller nations relies largely on the self-fabricated illusion of intrinsic superiority, not only as a means of justification but as a means of cultural unification.
The self-sustained culture of an imperialist power thrives on the willingness for individuals to accept the lie of intrinsic superiority and the duty to expand. While colonialist cultures often attribute their power and influence to some sort of inherent superiority or divine right of their superior nation, many of the hegemonic and colonial advantages that were gained by European powers during the industrial revolution were directly caused by luck and circumstance. Post-industrial revolution western colonialist culture relies so heavily on the idea of inherent superiority, and yet ironically, evidence seems to suggest that without an abundance of coal and other resources, the ma...

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