Deterring Youth Drug Use For Children 's Success Within The D.a.r.e Program

Deterring Youth Drug Use For Children 's Success Within The D.a.r.e Program

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1. There are multiple reasons that this website may be successful at deterring youth drug use. One example would be the recognition of other adolescents’ success within the D.A.R.E Program. According to the textbook, middle school students typically feel pressure to conform to the social activities of other youth (626). By using other youth as examples, the children who are at risk for drug use will feel as if using drugs is not the “popular” thing to do, which will make them not feel as pressured to get involved if their peers were to try and influence them. Another factor that may influence the success of this program on preventing youth drug use is the focus on the family and community surrounding the child. The textbook says that a solid family structure and parents who are supportive and exert appropriate oversight over their children will cause the child to respect their parent, which will help them avoid falling victim to peer pressure (627). If a parent is involved in the D.A.R.E. Program, that means that they are willing to be involved in their child’s life and can be a posi...

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