Essay Determinism : The Three Types Of Freedom

Essay Determinism : The Three Types Of Freedom

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Determinism is one of the three types of freedom. Determinism is the view that every event and human action in your life are brought upon us by previous experiences with the natural laws that govern the world. Determinism believes that human freedom is an illusion (BOOK). Some of the causes to why determinists believe that human freedom is an illusion is: human nature, environment, psychological forces, and social dynamics. An example of human nature is taking a vitamin or eating healthy food to balance your diet. We do this because we believe that our physical bodies have a causal relationship with a diet or taking a vitamin. An example of the environment is when you bring an umbrella with you to work because you know it is going to rain. From previous experience, you know if it is going to rain outside you will get wet, which causes you to bring an umbrella. (BOOK)

Determinism is based on a scientific model of the physical universe.
There are some very well known determinist, such as Skinner, Freud, and Mill. These three determinists have three different reasoning toward determinism (BOOK). The first reasoning is that all events in the physical world that we live in constantly exhibit causal connections. The second reasoning is, events in the biological world constantly exhibit causal connections also. The third and final reasoning is because all humans are apart of both the physical and biological worlds; we can assume that our actions as humans are causally determined. (BOOK) What we can conclude from those reasoning’s are that all the events in physical and biological world have connections, and our actions as humans are determined by cause.

There are many strengths when you look at determinism. Starting off with, deter...

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...t cause is from experiences in life, religion, home environment, or family life. Our actions are always influenced by past experiences that we have learned from. Everybody’s actions have reasoning behind the way they reacted to something. Your actions are free when they are influence only by your internal thoughts and not by other influences around you like your mother or your friend. Those types of influences are not allowing your actions to be free. They are persuading you into what they think is the correct action to do. I agree with Stace, a compatibilist, that argued human actions are the result of internal motivations and not the product of external constraints, and then they are considered “free”. When you are trying to make a decision you should have the freedom to chose what you believe is correct by internal motivation as your main influence.

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