Determinism And Its Effect On Human Nature Essay

Determinism And Its Effect On Human Nature Essay

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To have free will means – very roughly – to be able to make free choices. To have free will is also understood as having a certain amount of control over our choices and actions. This control is what is needed for us to be responsible for our actions. Determinism is the theory that everything, including all human actions and choices, is, without exception, completely determined.
When the action inevitably follows the events that came before it. The action is inevitable precisely because the deterministic laws of nature dictate that the action has to happen once the earlier events occur. Although this concept rings of truth, it doesn’t truly capture the essence of the human nature. I believe that determinism is the guiding path and that people will follow it, however, there will always be the “less traveled path”. Nonetheless, I do have confidence in the idea of a destiny and a more set track, but the path to get there is going to be different from everybody. That is what encapsulates the “special” side of the human race.
Determinism, in my opinion, is for certain a part of our lives and our world. However, there is an argument for hard determinism and the idea that free will is not even a possibility. Hard determinism promotes that determinism rules out alternative possibilities and does not allow for an option to do otherwise. So that the concept that free will requires that we have the ability to do otherwise or even hold alternative possibilities, would be considered false. Without the power to do otherwise in a deterministic world, there really is no free will according to hard determinism.
Although hard determinism may have extensive argument, many objections are present to deny all claims of no free will. Whether it be quan...

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...f what they want to be, because it has already been imbedded in our minds. The choice was already made, how we get there is the part where free will comes in. A possible counterargument would be that some people never live up to their goals and what they want. An easy explanation would be that some people just plain didn’t have enough time to complete it. Determinism puts us on a destined track, and time may not be accounted for. But a more likely option is that some people are destined to not be as successful as others. This could also explain suicide or even people who pass away at a younger age, they have reached their destiny in a shorter amount of time and move on. They may have the free will to try and get away from their path and identify that they don’t like where they are going. However, in the end they are exactly where the universe planned for them to be.

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