Essay about Determining The Size Of Dna

Essay about Determining The Size Of Dna

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As results, our calculated mutagenesis efficiency for pMZ288 plasmid is 25.7% and we observed 2 bands of DNA samples in cut pMZ374, 1 band in the uncut pMZ374 DNA sample, and both cut and uncut pMZ288 DNA samples shows 2 bands DNA samples on agarose gel (Figure 2). By comparing the observed bands with DNA ladder (Figure 3), we can determine the size of the segments. The cut pMZ374 produce 2 fragments of 330bp and 209bp, whereas uncut pMZ374, pMZ288 and cut pMZ288 produce a fragment of 539 bp PCR product.

CRISPR-Cas9 was used to edit the ade6 gene in Schizosaccharomyces pombe (S. pombe). By using sgRNA directed against the gene of interest, we calculated the mutagenesis efficiency of the colonies in plate pMZ288 is 25.7%. In addition, we used gel electrophoresis to determine the size of DNA fragments. We observed the cell contains wildtype ade6 digested with XhoI cut site produced 2 bands of PCR product, whereas mutant ade6 produced 1 band PCR product due to the lack of XhoI cut site.

To resolve the size of DNA fragments, we use gel electrophoresis that involves agarose gel and el...

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