Essay about Determining if Low Income-Urban Students Need ELL Services

Essay about Determining if Low Income-Urban Students Need ELL Services

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First, before I can argue on whether or not African American students should have access to language support services, we must first understand what an ELL student is. “English language learners are students who speak a language other than English as their first language and who are in the process of acquiring English as a second or additional language. They are not fully proficient in English and we can refer to them as “emerging bilinguals”” (Orosco, Almanza de Schonewise, De Onnis, Klingner, & Hoover, 2008) Other researchers like Walqui (2005) point out that some ELL students are true immigrants to the United States while other ones are born here in the Unites States. All of the sources on the matter note that all ELL cases our unique and are dependent on the student’s upbringing. Almost all of the sources, especially Linguistic Society of America, state that Ebonics is a full language (Rickford). However, as was noted in the 1996 case in Oakland there can be backlash in every facet of the community when Ebonics is labeled as the student’s first language (Nunberg). What we need to change is not whether or not we are going to label Ebonics as a first language but rather changing the requirements for ELL students. Sylvia G., Rousseau is currently arguing that African American student should have access to language support services. She gave a speech on April, 21st of 2014 in Los angles where she laid down her fundamental arguments:
The cognitive structures expressed in the language of home are no longer acceptable and the support to acquire a Standardized language is absent. The distinction in academic performance between African American students, who are categorically classified as English Only without any assess...

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... American English). Retrieved 5 3, 2014, from Linguistic Society of America:
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