Determining Candidate's Ability to Work with Children Essay

Determining Candidate's Ability to Work with Children Essay

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As part of college’s enrollment policy, all new learners need to do initial assessment for literacy and numeracy and further diagnostic assessment to evaluate a learner’s skills, knowledge, strengths and areas for development in a particular area according to A. Gravells (2012 pg 50).
Within the early years and childcare education group, it is important for me to ascertain whether one learner I identified has a prior knowledge or any experience working with children. On the profile, she has difficulty with verbal English. Although her level of understanding is high, she uses mostly non-verbal language to express herself. She has level two in numeracy. Competence with Microsoft Word, Activist and enjoy group work. Prefers kinaesthetic style of learning. She wants to become an early years practitioner and very keen on children activity. She has good experience working with children.
First of all I will carry out a diagnostic assessment with the learner to establish prior knowledge and competence of the course, also through questions and answers based on their basic skills, learning difficulties and personal circumstances etc. that may impact on her learning.
I will go through the learner’s application form to identify any additional needs the learner may have requested when filling the forms. Then I will carry out one-to-one interview with the learner to provide me the opportunity to discuss and gather the accuracy of the information contained in the application form and also the knowledge and understanding, suitability to undertake the course.
According to the white paper “Learning to Seed” the learner is placed in the centre of a system that is driven by their needs. As a result, it is therefore important to actively engage them i...

... middle of paper ...

... PowerPoint presentations, which could be amend to an appropriate fonts or size and save or print to keep.
By using these resources, I will be able to reinforce learning effectively, and motivate her to learn more. Also I will take her feedback to inform me how effective the resources used supported her learning needs.
In conclusion, the learner’s profile is a good indication of identifying any individual needs prior to the commencement of a program. I will help inform you to plan your teaching to meet the learning needs of the learner in a diverse ways. However ongoing individual assessment will provide a good route to progression. Not only that but can also highlight potential barriers to learning and the necessary steps to resolved them. When all her learning needs is taken into consideration she will feel valued and a sense of belong in the learning environment.

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