Determination of Body Composition Essay

Determination of Body Composition Essay

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1.1 Body composition analysis through different anthropometric methods
The prevailing system of body composition is primarily focused on model, where the body is composed of two diverse compartments: fat mass (FM) and fat free mass (FFM). Indirect and direct anthropometric measurements can be used to assess nutritional status of particular individual and to determine body composition and distribution of body fat. Different methods have both adventages, as well as limitations. Furthermore, they might provide sources of measurement error. (Ulijaszek, 1999; Willet, 1998; Gibson, 2005)
1.2 Assessment of body composition
The anthropometric practices can measure the FM and FFM and therefore their amount and proportion can be used as determinants of nutritional status at both, the individual and population group levels. In regard, to the increased obesity epidemic and obesity related problems among children and adults in the United Kingdom, the importance of body composition assessment is crucial for short and long term health implications. It can define body fat distribution at individual level and therefore could classify those individuals with overnutrition. The latter, in Public Health significance, the assessment of body composition can help to recognize, in relatively early stage, individuals possibly exposed to both, under- and overnutrition and could influence health outcomes and regarded to overnutrition, prevent further expansion of obesity among population (Gibson, 2005; Reilly, 2003; Wells, 2008; Willet...

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...eatinine excretion calculations) and large differences in results from this method compare to the other methods assessed can be observed. (Table 1 with comparison of the methods in Result section state for modifications) Moreover, some factors such as individual’s diet and physical activity, as well as stress factors and menstruation could affect changeability of creatinine excretion. The latter, purpose of longer urine collection period could effect on more precise results to predict individual’s muscle mass. Usually, in practice three sequential 24-hr urine collections should be used, however for the purpose of this study coursework only one day collection was assessed. (Gibson, 2005; Webster and Garrow, 1985)

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