Determination Generates Success : A Student 's Success Essay

Determination Generates Success : A Student 's Success Essay

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Determination Generates Success
Many people believe that students that encounter hard lives will commit academic sins. However, many professionals that successfully graduated college while having struggles in their lives, proved otherwise. In fact, Culpepper mentioned in his composition, “The Myth of Inferiority”, students might succeed in any academic institution, even if they experience hard lives (330). Also, he states that students with light loaded routines have the same chances to fail in college (330). For instance, there are a few important keys that contribute immensely to a student’s success. For example, they can be the student’s commitment, student’s self-judgment for registering in his/her compatible academic level, and the professor’s willingness and professionalism to mentor students with different lifestyles. Thus, any student can succeed in college.
First, for a student to avoid so many academic sins, such as plagiarized compositions, late works, and excessive absences, he/she has to strive success. In fact, “a determined student, even encountering hardships in his/her life while attending college full time, will succeed” (Culpepper 330). Also, many professionals successfully graduated college while dealing with hardships such as “raising children alone, working in multiple jobs, and caring for sick relatives” (Culpepper 330). They showed commitment by staying focused on what they wanted to achieve in their lives. An overloaded student accomplishes his/her tasks by organizing his/her daily schedule, not allowing more than one activity developing in the same hour. Also, the student has to allow for himself/herself recreational time as a reward, for that will balance his/her overwhelmed lifestyle. Furthermore, the...

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...g his/her schedule. Also, the student’s self judgment in analyzing his/her capacity to complete the course before registering along with his/her preparation for the class play a big role in his/her college success. Furthermore, the teacher’s willingness in lecturing the course’s material in his/her full potential, believing that his/her students will deliver the assignments on time and with a suitable quality, is crucial for the student’s success. Overall, many students who desire success will accomplish their plans, while students who attend school without any ambition have higher possibilities to fail. Therefore, a vast part of the student’s success comes from the student’s desire in achieving great things in his/her life. However, the teacher’s position is to maintain good standards and teach with gratification, to those who really contain the desire of learning.

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