The Determinants Of Health And The Healthcare System Of A Society Essay

The Determinants Of Health And The Healthcare System Of A Society Essay

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Health experts generally classify five determinants of health, and two of them are policymaking and access to health services. These two factors through government interventions and public policies can have a potent effect on the overall wellness of individuals and communities. Policymaking processes related to health involve “policy-makers who set health priorities, regulate financing mechanisms, statute legislation, enforce regulations, purchase health care for their populations and” (W.H.O.) which officially configure the healthcare system of a society. Ideally, these processes also address the inequalities and other issues of healthcare delivery through efforts made by a government to facilitate individuals’ access to health resources and improve the health of a population that include but are not limited to disease prevention propositions, medical treatments, and promoting general public safety. Access to health services on the other hand, in terms of utilization depends on the ability of individuals to overcome challenges of health disparities in race and ethnicity, acquiring health insurance, gender and sexual orientation, economics, geographic location, and disability (Access To Health, page 15). Just as how the other determinants of health (biology and genetics, individual behavior, and social factors) are vital in predicting individuals’ and communities’ well-being, policymaking and access to health services particularly are two huge and very important factors affecting quality of individuals’ health; and for people to benefit from them, there must be an efficiently organized high-quality and strong public healthcare system, which unfortunately are currently not accessible for Americans.
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...h as it has been proven in some delivery systems pertaining to countries who have a universal healthcare system.
Access to healthcare involve abundant factors, and healthcare policies and the structure of healthcare system which includes the obtainability insurance coverage are the most significant ones. It is also important to note that without appropriate government intervention and the complete dominance of the private health sector allow commercial health industry to intimidate individuals’ access in terms of utilization of services of the health care system. Nevertheless, it is indispensable in these challenging times that the United States lead the way into adopting other industrialized countries’ measures to finance health coverage and attempt to solve the inequities of the current healthcare structure by bringing millions of uninsured people into the system.

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