Detailing The Implications Of A Team Leader Not Having Interpersonal Skills

Detailing The Implications Of A Team Leader Not Having Interpersonal Skills

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Detailing the implications of a team leader not having interpersonal skills;

After successfully holding a training session for a small team of people on the merits of team working and interpersonal skills, I now have to identify the implications of a team leader not having the type of interpersonal skills that are needed to run an effective team.
Interpersonal Skills enable you to work with others harmoniously and efficiently within a team, working well with other involves understanding and appreciating individual differences. The following points are important interpersonal skills to have;
- accepting responsibilities
- resolving conflict
- communication skills
- being culturally aware
- bringing something to the team

Accepting Responsibilities within the team is an important interpersonal skill to have because it can help the team progress and help the individual advance. The responsibilities that members will face within the team are;
- responsibilities that come with the job
- responsibilities that you voluntarily assume
- responsibilities that arise from a situation

Additional responsibilities can be done voluntarily or involuntarily. In most teams you will be asked to do things that are not in your job description. Handling these requests in a positive manner will learn new skills
- make positive contribution to the team
- assist a co-worker
- help meet deadlines

Resolving Conflicts, many causes of conflict arise due to miscommunication; a break down in communication can be due to;
- cultural differences
- differences in opinions
- unclear roles or expectations
- unequal status
- misunderstanding of languages

With these problems causing conflict within the team it is important to make sure theses barriers are understood so the team can flow and work effectively and efficiently. There are five methods to handle conflict;
- running away
- being obliging to the other party
- defeating the other party
- winning a little / losing a little (give and take)
- co-operating
Resolving conflict is an art of communication as co-operation helps reduce anger, stress and frustration, allowing the team to function properly making them more productive.

Communication Skills are one of the most important interpersonal skills to have because if a team doesn't communicate it will not function properly because none of the members will know what their job roles are so won't be able to work effectively and as a co-ordinated unit. Communication allows a team to flow an express any problem or view any disagreements they have.

Being Culturally Aware is very important because being culturally ware is another aspect to successful team working. People need to be aware of different;

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It is important for the team leader and team members to understand each of these points because they could offend or upset a fellow team member and this would disrupt the team's dynamics.

The final interpersonal skill is to make sure that you bring something to the team, this is important because every member need to bring something different to the team. This will keep the team balanced as all the members of the team will be strong in a different area meaning they can complete any task asked of them. Having input in the team is important because the team must not carry members because that person will bring the whole team down.

After describing the interpersonal skills a team leader and its members must have I am going to detail the implications of a team leader that doesn't have any interpersonal skills. If a team leader doesn't have the interpersonal skills detailed above it will have massive implications on the team they are managing because they won't know how to interact, motivate, relate, understand or deal with any problems that the team has.
Firstly, if a team leader doesn't know how to accept responsibilities then they will pass the responsibility and blame onto someone else within the team which will demotivate the team because they will feel unfairly treated. It is the team leader's responsibility to accept any criticism that is said about the team because it is their job to make sure the team functions properly.
If a team leader doesn't know how to resolve conflict then the team will not function properly as they will not be communicating with each other, so no work will be done. If a problem within the team doesn't get resolved as quickly as possible it will grow and grow until it affects everyone in the team. It is the team leader's responsibility to make sure any problems within the team are resolved as soon as possible.
Communication skills are very important to have within the team but if the team leader doesn't have any communication skills then the team will suffer because it is the team leaders job to talk to the team members and let them know if they are doing any thing wrong and advice them on how to improve their performance. If the team leader doesn't do this then the team will constantly work at the same level and will never improve its performance, the team leader must monitor the team's performance and then communicate with them ways of improving, otherwise the team becomes static.
If the team leader is not culturally aware this can lead to critical problems within the team because the tea leader needs to be aware that different people have different circumstances and must be treated differently because of their race, religion beliefs etc. If the team leader treats everybody the same and doesn't take into contexts people's culture it can cause the team to split and eventually cause it to break up due to problems within the team.
Finally, it is important that the team leader monitors what each individual is bringing to the team because every member of the team should bring something different to make the team balanced. This point is similar to the communication skills as the team leader should express any problems they have with the team and let them know how to overcome this problem and progress. If the team leader knows that people within the team have the same skills and doesn't raise this point the team is likely to suffer as they are as strong in areas as they should be.

So if a team leader doesn't have any interpersonal skills it will result in the team not working to the best of their ability because the team leader hasn't made them aware of any problems and won't communicate with them on how to improve their performance. The team leader must have the necessary training to make sure they know how to deal with certain situations and must be aware of interpersonal skills as they can help solve everyday problems. Once the team leader has the necessary knowledge in interpersonal skills it will benefit the team and the company because they can improve the performance and productivity of the team.
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