Destructive Jealousy in Iago and Othello Essay

Destructive Jealousy in Iago and Othello Essay

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“Jealousy has the power to destroy”
Discuss the ways in which Shakespeare uses both characters Othello and Iago to convey this message.

Following the recent study of Shakespeare’s play “Othello”, we found a lot of information about the play and the theme jealousy. Shakespeare wrote tragedies, comedies and histories, all were in five acts of poetry. My definition of jealousy is where someone has something or is able to do something that another person can do. They are jealous because the other people are able to and have the things they want but can’t get. The play ‘Othello’ is in Shakespeare’s group of tragedies, because of the deaths and misfortunes. The main characters in “Othello” are Othello himself, iago, Cassio, Desdamona and maybe Emilia the play has jealousy and gullibility in it. “Othello’’ is a black man in a white society.
Iago is jealous of cassio because he became Othello’s lieutenant. Iago is jealous because he felt that he was the one to get that position, because he believed that he deserved it, but did not receive what he wanted. Cassio has turned into a bit of a playboy and slept with women, possibly iagos wife. Here are a few quotes about Othello, iago says, “I do suspect a trusty moor hath leaped into my seat”. I do think this is saying, that iago is thinking that Othello has slept with his wife emilia. The next quote shows that, iago wants to do to Othello what he did to him. Revenge. “Till i've evened with him, wife for wife”. Iago shows his potential of jealousy to become so destructive. Iagos wife emilia says to Desdemona (Othello’s wife), “who would not make her husband old to make him a monarch?” Iago also starts to say things about cassio like, “ for I fear cassio with my night cap too.” Iago...

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...ed in the extreme”. Here iago is admitting to being manipulative.
At the end othello again feels isolated and feels completely vunerable throughout. The audience could see him as a mix between confident and in charge as well as being very insecure. Othello stabs iago wanting to wound him, iago’s reply is, “I bleed sir, but not killed” – which was what othello wanted.. iago ends up being taken away to be tortured and othello wants this as living is more of sa punishment.
Iago is clever and manipulative and has a good understanding of people. He is evil throughout shakespeares play and he knows it. He also blames others for active manipulation of them. “demand me nothing, what you know, you know.”
Iago plants the idea of desdamona in othellos mind. Initially othello does not believe him, but iago continues to manipulate othello and othello lets him do it.

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