The Destruction Of The Park Essay

The Destruction Of The Park Essay

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My walk along Highland Park surrounded by with the water’s quiet flow that moves through the land, separating the two sides that were once connected. The waterfowl escape the heat of the sun by swimming happily with the current and in the process, diving to catch lunch. Trees are scattered all over the grass, soaring high above the ground creating homes for those who live by the sky. The dirt, leaves, bark, and water create the smell best classified as Earth, enriched by the uprooted trees from Mother Nature’s wrath. An old giant lay across the water connecting the two sides once again, similarly to the synthetic bridge conveniently located before the trees begin to hug the road.
On the other side, when I entered the solitude of the trees, the view of the paved path lined by houses exemplifies human expansion. Manufactured luxuries intrude upon the historic home of wildlife. Trees being chopped to create more room and reused as a structure for someone else’s home. Man works on the assumption nature surrenders to their destruction. Trees disprove this supposition by spreading roots deep within the Earth, holding their ground as long as they can. Roots that sit nearer the pavement placed over the natural paths already created, shift outward and begin cracking the artificial creation from its place. Wires that make a constant quiet buzzing lie ripped from their poles, their threads not being strong enough to hold against Mother Nature’s fury.
Birds sing the songs of the wild as if oblivious to the destruction and loss of habitat. Insects crawl, busy gathering food, skirting footsteps, and scrambling over debris. Squirrels climbing the trees for safety from my trespassing, pause their frantic movements until the outsider passes. The w...

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...enerations create new discoveries, regrowth freshens the air and life of the once destroyed. The beginning sets the path for what is to come, what is to be discovered, what is to be destroyed, and what is to, eventually, be reborn.
Humans take and destroy to benefit an inadequacy in the space already conquered, so they set out for more. Nature, limited in its expansiveness, disappears and with no new area to grow, slowly dissolves into what used to be spacious greenness and the natural world. Humans live a give and, mostly, take life, nature carries on a patient waiting to take back what once was void of man. Nature reinvents itself when the time is right, humans reinvent when it’s suitable for them. Life is full of destruction, manufactured or natural, destruction is not necessarily a negative aspect of this world, it sets the circle of life into motion once again.

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