Essay on The Destruction of Sennacherib by George Gordon,

Essay on The Destruction of Sennacherib by George Gordon,

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Lord Byron, also known as George Gordon, had a highly adventurous, but short- lived life. He was an extraordinary British poet of his time, known mainly for his satires. One of his great major works was “The Destruction of Sennacherib.” Many thought of his work as inferior and immoral, but that didn’t stop his writing (Harris 57). Byron had a challenging childhood and used his views on life and love based on experiences while traveling to write his most popular works, such as “The Destruction of Sennacherib,” which is often not appreciated.
Byron was born on January 22, 1788 in London, England. He was the son of Captain John Byron and Catherine Gordon (Magill 312). His father had a daughter from a previous marriage, named Augusta. Byron was born with a clubbed right foot, which gave him a limp every time he walked for the rest of his life. His father was greedy and sought out money from all of his wives, so in 1789 Byron moved with his mother to Aberdeen. He grew up with a rough childhood, being abused by his mother often. However, he found help when he began reading the Bible and developed a love for history. This eventually led to his ideas for writing and his journeys across the globe (“Lord”).
In 1798, his grandfather died, which gave him his title and his estate. He later attended Trinity College at Cambridge University and earned his master’s degree in July of 1808 (“Lord”). Aside from his schooling he was an excellent marksman, horseman, and swimmer (Gurney 72). Many thought he was “mad- bad- and dangerous to know” (Napierkowski 38). His personality was very out of the realm of normal for the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in which he lived. He isolated himself from others’ opinions about his cruel, sexual eccentric...

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